The Best Article Submission Tool explained

The best article submission tool makes it possible for you to publish on high quality websites, register and start publishing today!

After many search engine updates that made ‘express’ techniques to ranking websites obsolete, article marketing became a major help of most SEO and marketing agencies.

While it should be combined with other natural promotion techniques, article marketing is one of the most powerful instruments to boost your brand awareness and website. It works, because it leverages the power of established, aged and quality websites to promote your business/service.

However, the downside of article marketing is finding good websites to promote on. The majority of webmasters don’t want or allow guest post articles to be published on their websites. Those that do often charge high ‘editor’ or other fees for publication.

This means that you could spend hours contacting dozens of website owners, only to receive refusals or requests for high fees to be paid. Those that own powerful websites know they are few and far between and know the value of their audience and website metrics.

How is the best Article Submission Tool Changing Things?

Instead of you or your team wasting hours Best Article Submission Toolhunting for websites that accept guest post articles, then reviewing them to see if they are good quality, and then trying to contact the owner and get published … you can simply log into our app and start publishing.

The difference is that you save time and stress. All websites linked to our platform are monitored for quality and have great metrics.

From within our system, you can manage numerous campaigns (for more than one subject or website), and post to highly relevant categories or websites.

Not only this, but you can also update your articles as often as you want. Unlike when you send a guest post and need to contact the website owner, if you use our system, you just sign in and update the article. When you publish the update, it will update on the website almost instantly.

Simply put, our system saves you time and is affordable. It allows you to focus on promotion rather than on finding sites and trying to make connections with the owners. It gives you an edge in the world of marketing and can help your clients or your own websites to beat the competition.

Key Features of Our Service:

These features are here to make your life easier. However, if you have suggestions after using the app for at least a few months, we would love to hear your feedback.

  • Dashboard – Manage all articles posted to any of our provided websites from one convenient dashboard
  • Campaigns – Keep your content organized in campaigns for websites, content type, subject, or others
  • Broken Link Checker – When you promote websites, you might forget to update article links. For great SEO effectiveness, we let you know when your links are broken.
  • Full Media – Articles are best when they include images, graphics, videos, and other media. We provide easy ways to include YouTube videos and set the main image etc.
  • Multi-Country – The app connects to websites around the world. All we ask is that you post in the language of the location of the website.
  • Simple Interface – If you can use an office suite app, you can publish articles in our system. Those familiar with WordPress or Office will find it easy to publish
  • Metrics – We regularly update the metrics of all website, making it easier for you to find powerful sites for your topic

This is the list for now, but it will keep expanding. We are working on some incredible new features. As and when they appear, all existing users will have access to the new features.