What are Article Websites?

Article Websites are largely blogs or content websites that allow people to post their articles as well. This means that not only the owner’s articles will be on the website.

Some sites will require that the article be marked a sponsored or promotional, especially if the poster paid to get published. Often, if the article is sponsored, the link must be no-follow.

However, with our system, things are different. You are not paying for articles to be posted. Instead, you pay for access to our system and for our company to manage and monitor the quality of the websites. This means that you can link in a natural way, as you see fit, so long as you keep to our publishing rules.

Our Article Websites

All of the article marketing websites that we provide access to are high quality and most have a range of categories. This means you can choose to publish to niche related websites or general blogs in a related category. Both of these are excellent for SEO! Relevancy is so important this year and will continue to be in the future.